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Fate: Amnesia – Introduction and Setting

AmnesiaThis is the start of hopefully many* recountings of the Fate campaign I am currently running. I hesitate to use the word ‘narrative’ because at this point the first session was a couple months ago and I don’t take very strict notes (or any, really), so I don’t have any way of going back and telling you what characters said in the moment or remembering the most intricate details. I hope that this will prove to be marginally entertaining nonetheless.

The idea behind this campaign was: “What would a RPG version of Amnesia be like?” As such, the main hook of the game is that all of the characters were to have amnesia (shock!), and slowly recall their memories over the course of the game. I can tell you right now that what followed that thought was game that is absolutely nothing like Amnesia, because RPGs are crazy, hectic experiences (this is to be encouraged) and having five characters wander through a dark corridor without saying anything to each other would be really boring (this is to be discouraged).

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