Whatever This Is – Episode 3 – This is NOT the Daredevil Podcast You Were Looking For

Boom fancy embedded audio file.


We did talk about some other stuff:

1:55 – Game of Thrones (… spoilers)

10:33 – Avengers: Age of Ultron

And other Marvel movies. We also reveal which movies we think are worth skipping and our favorite Marvel movie of all time oooOOOooo.

25:41 – X-Men: Days of Future Past

At some point in here I go off on comparing the plots to the 2-issue comic and the movie that shares the same name and make an inane point about how the stories are completely different. I don’t think they’re as different as I seem to be saying and I’m not sure why I kept on coming back to that point. The history that the X-Men movies have created are hugely different than the comics – mostly out of necessity because the first movie threw a bunch of classic characters in at once and the last two movies have been prequels set in the 1960s, so none of the classic characters would have been alive/adults (except for Wolverine).

In the comic, the future is a grim, miserable existence – showing the subjugation of the mutants and their meagre lives – which is contrasted with the fairly light, adventurous tone of the story that resolves in the present. In the movie, the future is portrayed in a more epic, grand tone (hence my calling it a Saturday morning cartoon) which is juxtaposed against the very personal, soap operatic plot of the 60s timeline. In the comic the future feels like the A-plot that the X-Men just happen to be caught up in, whereas the movie is much more intentionally a sequel to First Class and horrible things happening in the future happens to be a part of that.

Basically, continuity is complicated and confusing – I don’t know why this is important.

32:19- Aubrey talks about the Game Developers Conference (GDC)

And we discuss educational games for a bit.

41:20- The conversation veers towards the future of Minecraft?

I’ve never even played Minecraft so just ignore anything I say.

46:01- Monument Valley

You can play it on your phone!

52:26- Eidolon

I have no idea how to pronounce Eidolon. :(

Listening back, I sound really negative regarding this game. I don’t think it was a bad game, but it wasn’t really my thing.

I think the crux of Aubrey’s differing experiences with the game come down to the fact that she likes to explore systems whereas I wanted to treat the game like a narrative. Whereas Aubrey immediately pushed the parameters of the system to see what would happen, I tried to act in a way that would mirror the behaviors of a person in my circumstances – and I don’t think the game rewards my behavior extensively. If you treat the game as a system you get a myriad of different experiences: freezing to death at the top of a mountain, dying because you ate a bunch of rotten blackberries, shooting a bear, etc. But I didn’t attempt those things because they don’t make sense in the context of being a person alone in the woods – and if you play the game the way I did your reward is to get little newspaper clippings every 10 minutes or so about a world in which you may or may not feel very invested.

Aaand I’m sounding negative again. Here’s a picture of my fox-friend. :32015-05-03_00002


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